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The fun and easy way to stay off your phone.

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“By far the most effective screen time app I’ve ever used - nothing else has worked.”

Beating big-tech at their own game

Replace dopamine hits from scrolling with dopamine hits for staying off your phone.

Earn real-life rewards

by controlling your screen time and blocking distracting apps

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Make it fun and easy

by earning points and badges, complete quests, and climb the leaderboard

Stay accountable with friends and family

so you never lose motivation again

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Never doomscroll again

with mindless scrolling awareness notifications to save you

Users decrease their screen time by over 50% with Present

That’s over 15+ years of your life back on average!

Join the movement

See why thousands of people rely on Present every day to reclaim their life.

Best App for Better Habits & Productivity

The punish yourself method of screen limits didn’t help. This app encourages you to reduce time by making you aware and encouraging you through streaks and competitions. I’ve been able to dedicate so much more time to productive habits and free time thanks to this great app. Download it and encourage your friends and family to compete with you!

- Run Fanatic 2037303

This app is NECESSARY

People need to download this app if they want to see their screen time drop dramatically. I went from 6 hours a day on screen time to just 2.5 hours a days this app is so helpful and I highly recommend people download this. This app has also helped my mental health in many ways, most importantly the self respect. Please help make this app more available and share it with everyone you know!!!

- im mad as $#%@

Definitely recommend!

This app has helped my productivity so much! I work from home and it is extremely helpful and keeps me on track. I love the group feature because I love trying to beat my friends and acquaintances in lowest screen time. I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to track their screen time, or keep themselves on track.

- ambzz012

Brothers on a mission


Our time and attention is being systematically harvested by Big Tech companies using addictive practices. These platforms not only steal our time, but they’re contributing to the growing mental health crisis.

We built Present because we needed it. As older members of Gen Z, we were the first to grow up with smartphones and truly experience the negative impacts. After seeing ourselves and friends try for YEARS to solve this with conventional tools, we decided to do something about it.

Our mission is to solve this problem for the billions of people who experience this problem every day. We know that most people are fed up with Big Tech’s addictive practices and a huge movement is bubbling up. The time is now, come join us.

Jack & Charles Winston
Founders @ Present

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