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BePresent tops the list of "Best Apps to Break Your Phone Addiction"

Because anyone can publish an app on the app store, there are hundreds of apps claiming to help you break your phone addiction.

However, the vast majority of these apps are either outdated, no different than the built-in time limits you already have for free, or just straight up don't work.

So it can be confusing and demoralizing when you want to take action and reduce your screen time, only to find that the tool you used doesn't help at all.

Luckily, the Center for Internet & Technology Addiction took the time to review all of the solutions out there. They took their findings and developed a market map of the best apps, tools, and resources to actually help break your phone addiction.

We're excited to announce that BePresent topped the list!

More About BePresent:

BePresent is a mobile app that uses the same psychological techniques social media companies use to keep us addicted but to enforce healthy habits.

We do this by turning staying off your phone into a game, giving you the tools you need - like App Blocking and Doomscrolling Awareness Reminder - but we reinforce those tools with psychology-based social gamification.

Think weekly leaderboards, streaks, accountability partners, and real-life rewards to motivate you to limit your screen time and block distracting apps.


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