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The science behind an accountability buddy

High screen time can create an isolating experience. While many online connections are IRL connections, too, endless consumption of highlight reels can pull us apart more than bring us together. 

It’s why we believe so much in the concept of an accountability buddy. If your goal is to create healthier boundaries around your phone usage, take on the challenge with a friend, just like you might with any other health-related goals. 

There’s a lot of research that backs up having a buddy to help you achieve career, personal and health goals. One US study found you have a 65% chance of contemplating a goal if you work toward it with someone else, the Guardian recently reported. And checking in regularly with that person raises the success rate to 95%, the article said. 

This is why we built Accountability Partners into BePresent. This feature allows you to share your screen time with a friend to keep you accountable and on track.

Feel free to check in with each other throughout the week for extra motivation. When I’m beating my brother (and BePresent cofounder) in our group, I always like to make my screen time wins known. But if you’re not the competitive type, that’s okay too! You and your partner can set whatever goals you’d like to keep each other motivated.

We’ve found that having an accountability buddy makes reducing your screen fun. The social aspect keeps us motivated and engaged, and the friendly competition pushes us to make even more progress. We think you’ll feel the same. 

As we naturally get a little more time to spend with friends in the warmer months, why not bring them along for this challenge? Try out the Accountability Partners feature this summer and let us know how it goes: 



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