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Will you ‘battle for your time’ with BePresent?

One of our longtime users, a high schooler named Ozzie (thank you Ozzie!!), sent us a TedTalk a few months ago that illuminates the true cost of social media. 

Dino Ambrosi, the founder of Project Reboot, is aiming to guide teens and young adults toward a relationship with technology that empowers them.

In his talk, he breaks down how the average young person spends their time. If they’re lucky to live until 90, they’ll spend about 228 months sleeping, 126 months in work or school, 36 months on things like cooking and chores, and only about 334 months of free time to devote to, well, whatever they want. 

But then, he relays this alarming stat: most of us will spend 26 years of our life on a screen. Yep, that’s about 90% of our total free time outside of sleep, work, school and chores. 

Imagine getting to 90 years old and looking back at your life and thinking of all the things you missed out on — all the things you could have done — if only you weren’t so distracted.

I see so many of my friends struggle with screen time, and I’ve struggled with it, too.

Developing a healthy relationship with my phone literally changed my life. I’ve developed so much intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve started a business, I’ve strengthened relationships, but maybe most importantly, I’ve learned to enjoy the experience that is our ordinary everyday life.

I’m optimistic because I know we can fix this. 

The BePresent app uses the same psychological techniques that social media companies use, but to encourage you to get off your phone, rather to stay on it. I think about what Dino says in the opening of his TedTalk — “How you spend this time is going to determine the quality of your life.”

So will you battle for your time, and BePresent? 



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