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The Power of Writing… and Friends 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️


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Podcast We Love 🎙️

You know that we love Andrew Huberman here at Present, maybe a little too much. But this episode went VIRAL, and I would be remiss not to share.

Many understand the benefits of journaling for mental health. But in this episode, Huberman talks about a very specific journaling technique that has shown to have absolutely remarkable results in both mental and physical health in hundreds of studies. And the amazing part - you only have to do it ONCE to get lasting benefits.

Now here’s the catch - it can be a very intense exercise. I did it myself recently and I will say, I did not know that it would affect me as much as it did - it was very very difficult.

But low and behold, I soon started to feel the benefits that were mentioned in the episodes. It has been one of the best things that I’ve done for my own mental health recently.

So if you’re willing to try something difficult and emotional, but something that could really benefit you in the long run, listen to this amazing episode.


Stop Scrolling. Start Living.

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Tip to Reduce Your Screen Time 📱

Don’t Do It Alone.

The sad - and beautiful - part of phone addiction is that it affects pretty much everybody.

And whether it’s because of FOMO, lack of support, or loneliness, it’s much harder to ditch social media by yourself.

The good thing is - most people out there actually WANT to spend less time on their phones too. So talk about it with your friends, your family, or your partner. Help each other reclaim your relationship with technology. And hold each other ACCOUNTABLE - it’s MUCH easier that way.

Bonus tip: Create a Group on the Present app to make it as easy as possible to share your screen time with friends and hold each other accountable.


Quote Us Thinking 🧠

“An accountability partner can create an immediate cost to inaction. We care deeply about what others think of us, and we do not want others to have a lesser opinion of us.” - James Clear, Atomic Habits


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