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Big Hairy Audacious Goal 🎯, Go to Therapy, and Just Start!!


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Framework We Love 🧠

The Goal Setting Guide - Sahil Bloom

Some people think New year’s Resolutions are b***shit (yes I know I bleeped out the wrong word :) ).

They say things like “you don’t need a new year to make a resolution! Why don’t you make one in March!?!”

Well, I’m calling BS on their BS! First because science has clearly shown that using a milestone like New Years results in a higher likelihood to stick to your goals.

But more importantly, I know this is true because I experienced the transformational powers of New Years resolutions because 2 years ago I made a set of resolutions that changed the trajectory of my life.

New Years 2022 I was in a rut. I was in a job I hated, my physical and mental health had gone to shit, and just overall I felt like I was having a midlife crisis.

And then in early January 2022, I came across Sahil’s goal setting framework. You should read the full framework, but it essentially comes down to: 1) Identify your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)2) Set specific process goals to achieve your outcome goal3) Track your process goals and adjust

The basic premise here is that you first set your OUTCOME goal, and then you set intermediate PROCESS goals that you track and keep yourself accountable to.

For example, a BHAG might be to lose 25 lbs, and a process goal might be to go to the gym 5 days a week all year.

The reason why so many goals fail is because people too often focus on the outcome goal that is far in the future without conceptualizing what it actually takes.

But I can tell you from experience this framework is so powerful and actually works.

I vividly remember being in the airport on January 2nd, 2022, feeling so lost in my life, and scribbling down my BHAG: own and operate my own business by the start of 2023.

Using the framework, I furiously wrote down all the daily, weekly, and monthly process goals I needed to execute to achieve my BHAG.

I won’t go into the gory details of how it came to be here, but after a LOT of hard work and dedication, on January 6th, 2023 - almost exactly a year later - my brother and I moved to New York to officially start Present full-time.

I did it.

But here’s the thing: I’m not special. I have set goals and failed a million times. I’ve felt stuck for YEARS in a life I didn’t want to live.

All it took was the “arbitrary” milestone of the earth making a full rotation around the sun and a helpful framework to change my life.

New Years is a powerful time to make change. If you’ve been looking to change, please don’t waste this time.


Stop Scrolling. Start Living.

Want to stop doomscrolling? Join 20,000+ people who have downloaded the Present app and reduced their screen time by over 15+ hours per week!

Take control of your life and time today.


Tip to Reduce Your Screen Time 📱

Go to therapy 🛋️

Low key high key, a lot of us need this. It’s helpful for so many reasons, but it also might help you get off your phone and actually live your life.

I’ve found that when I’m going through tough periods in my life mentally that’s when I’m most prone to engage in destructive habits: excessive drinking, drugs (sorry mom), and yes, doomscrolling.

It’s because when we’re feeling pain we want to mask it. We want to distract ourselves. We want to engage in escapism to forget.

There are so many tips, tricks, and tools for reducing your screen time, but sometimes what we really need is to address some serious underlying issues we’re facing.

If you think you could benefit from therapy, I really recommend BetterHelp. I’ve used it before and it’s great. But one of the biggest benefits is that it’s really, really easy to just start. Most people want to start therapy, but are intimidated. But BetterHelp makes it so easy to just start, which is half the battle.

Use the link above for 20% off your first month. Disclaimer: we do get a commission, but I seriously am recommending it because I personally use it. As an added benefit, you’d be helping us make Present better for you and everyone by singing up :)


Quote Us Thinking 🧠

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” - Alan Cohen

Seriously, just fricken start! No time will ever be perfect. Let's go let's go lets gooooo!!!!


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