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When Enough is ENOUGH, Phone is not Food, and Steve Jobs


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Podcast We Love 🎤

I love Lenny! If you don’t know Lenny’s podcast, it’s a great podcast for tech entrepreneurs, product builders, and growth leaders.

He regularly has guests who have built incredible companies where they dive into the secret sauce behind the success.

But he also has episodes like these, which resonate, but for entirely different reasons.

This episode interviews Andy John. Andy was a very successful tech executive at name-brand startups like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and Wealthfront.

He was also making 💰💰 as a VC.

But while he was successful on paper, his life was miserable. So he decided to leave it all behind and become a mental health advocate.

If you’ve ever struggled with burnout at work - or just stress in general - and feel like you can’t get off the hamsters wheel, this episode is for you.


Stop Scrolling. Start Living.

Want to stop doomscrolling? Join 20,000+ people who have downloaded the Present app and reduced their screen time by over 15+ hours per week!

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Tip to Reduce Your Screen Time 📱

Use meals to focus on your food and friends, not your meal

Okay, so I went to Sweetgreen today and I saw something that inspired me to write this post.

No, I’m not writing an angry post about inflation and my $17 salad in NYC. The fact I didn’t meal prep this weekend is on ME.

Instead, I’m talking about how when I walked into the restaurant (is restaurant too strong of a word? Establishment? Spot? Whatever it’s called….) EVERYONE eating was on their phone.

Listen, I get it. You’re scrolling during lunch because this is your break time. You’ve been working hard all day and now you have an hour where you can relax and not focus. But as I’ve said a million times before and will say a million times again: mindless scrolling doesn’t just waste time in the moment. It impacts you for the rest of the day.

I understand everyone has different goals. Some people can enjoy a quick lunch scroll and can be good for the rest of the day. But for a lot of people, this is a common trigger to fall into the vicious cycle of doomscrolling.

If this sounds like you and you usually scroll during lunch, consider using this time to engage in mindful activities, like conversation or even just focusing on your meal (you’ll enjoy it more!)

I’ve found that even though lunch is for relaxing, that I’m even more refreshed and relaxed when I use it to engage in mindful activities instead of mindless scrolling.

Quote That Has Us Thinking 🧠

It’s 1996. Steve Jobs just informed Larry Ellison, billionaire founder of Oracle and his good friend, they can take back control of Apple without buying the company

Larry Ellison: “But Steve, there’s just one thing I don’t understand. If we don’t buy the company, how can we make any money?”

Steve Jobs: “Larry, this is why it’s really important that I’m your friend. You don’t need any more money”


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