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The Mental Health Crisis, What Does Poor Mean, and Wanna be a Baller?


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Blog Post We Love 📰

In honor of mental health awareness month, we wrote a blog post discussing the alarming rise of mental health disorders and how our use of digital technologies is most likely a driving force behind the trend.

The fact that our obsessive phone use has contributed to our nation’s degrading mental health probably isn’t a surprise to most people who struggle with how they use their phone. But for people who don’t experience the problem, it can be hard to grasp just how detrimental the effects can be.

However, as we gather more data, it’s becoming clear even to people who aren’t affected, that the experiment Big Tech has been running on all of us has had a significant negative impact on our mental health.

Quote That Has Us Thinking 🧠

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” - Seneca

Weekend Activity Brainstorm 💪

  1. Go into nature and watch some birds 🐦

  2. Challenge your friends to paintball 🔫

  3. Play some pickup basketball 🏀

If you end up doing one of these challenges, send us pictures at and you can be featured in a future newsletter!


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