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Light on Life, The 5 Whys, & Where to Find Happiness


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Podcast We Love 🎤

This is an amazing conversation about how to feel fulfilled in life.

Light Watkins gave up possessions and dedicated his life to traveling the world and speaking about meditation, happiness, and spirituality. He has a unique ability to be both incredibly insightful and practical at the same time, making it easy to put his ideas into practice and see the results right away.

In this episode of the Rich Roll podcast, Light and Rich discuss how we as humans have this deep sense of yearning - seeking something outside of ourselves that we can “get” from life that will give us purpose or make us feel satisfied. So many of us try and fail to fulfill these desires with possessions, money, success, or other things that you can “gain.”

Light’s perspective is that you can actually feel more fulfilled with less. Start taking things away in life and you realize what truly matters. I think this idea is especially relevant in the current time, when we are all constantly overstimulated everywhere we turn.

If you’re struggling with your purpose in life, or an unsettled sense of yearning, this podcast is perfect for you.

Tip to Reduce Your Screen Time 📱

Identify your “Big Picture” - why are you taking action?

When starting a new habit, the people who are most successful at following through long-term are those who clearly articulate why they’re trying to do something in the first place.

So you want to change your relationship with your phone. But why? Maybe it’s because you want to stop wasting time. Is this “why” enough motivation for you to stop scrolling? Probably not, because it’s too vague and doesn’t get to the root of how you want to actually change your life.

There is a common and effective technique called the “5 Whys,” which helps get to the root cause of an issue, or in this case the root of your desire to get off your phone.

The technique is simple - start by asking yourself a question, and then answering the question. Then ask “why” again to the answer. Do this 5 times until you go from the surface level answer, to the root.

Here’s an example:

“Why do you want to spend less time on your phone?”

“Because I want to stop wasting time.”


“Because I want to be more productive in my work.”


“Because I want to be successful at my job.”


“Because I want to make enough money to live a comfortable life.”


“Because I want to buy a house some day, have a family, and give my kids as many opportunities as possible.”

Wow. Now you realize that your phone addiction is directly holding you back from living out your dream life with your future family. That’s extremely powerful, but you probably wouldn’t have made that connection if you didn’t dig deep.

Write down your “5 Whys” and I bet you’ll be a lot more motivated to stay off your phone, and see improvements right away.

Quote That Has Us Thinking 🧠

“It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else.” - Arthur Schopenhauer


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