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Don’t Disappoint Yourself, Jim Carrey’s Wise Words, & Memorial Day Activities


The Friday Focus is a weekly newsletter where we highlight:

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  2. A quote that has us thinking

  3. Weekend activity brainstorm - take these as a challenge!

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Blog Post We Love 📰

Not Disappointing Myself” - Ava A friend of mine recommended this article to me, and after it reading, I know why they did.

It’s a short read - maybe 5 minutes - but I really enjoyed it.

To be honest, I don’t know who the author is, but I think the topic will resonate with a lot of you.

It’s about how oftentimes when making decisions in life, we think about it through other people’s eyes. We think about what others expect from us and we optimize for the decision that will disappoint the least number of people.

We’ve all been there. We know in our heart, in our bones, in our wherever, that we should take one course of action. But everyone you know expects something else from you, and instead of following your gut, you try to please people.

But you don’t feel most alive when you make decisions that way. You don’t feel truly yourself. As Ava puts it, it’s not the “truest, most beautiful version of yourself.” And you know it, you feel it, and eventually, you regret it.

I’ve fallen into this trap countless times, especially when it came to career decisions. What finally convinced me to live a truer version of myself was the realization that a life lived inauthentically was not a life worth living. Even if you could in theory achieve a “better” outcome by taking a certain path, if you didn’t feel in your heart it was the right choice, you’ll end up unhappy.

And in the end, happiness is the best optimization.

Quote That Has Us Thinking 🧠

“You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” - Jim Carrey

Weekend Activity Brainstorm 💪

In honor of Memorial Day, do one of these weekend activities

  1. Host or go to a backyard BBQ 🍖

  2. Play some cornhole or ladder golf ⛳

  3. Drink some clizzy claws on the beach, lake, or in a lawn chair 🍹

If you end up doing one of these challenges, send us pictures at and you can be featured in a future newsletter!


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