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A Fuller Life, NoSo November, and Swallows in Summer 🕊️


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Article We Love 📝

Live Fuller, Not Bigger - Evan Armstrong

“You must escape the shallow joy of more.” That is the first line of this incredible edition of Evan Armstrong’s newsletter, Napkin Math.

Our society has conditioned us to pursue success. It has trained us to believe that “success” (whatever that means) is what will make us happy and feel complete in life.

But the problem is, when you keep chasing more and more, you will never actually arrive at that completeness feeling. You just want the next thing. Whether it’s that next promotion, a bigger house, or anything else. And then when you get that, your mind is onto the next thing.

This article is such a beautiful read because it puts everything in perspective. The author, Evan, is a high achiever like most of you Present users. Intelligent, driven people like that have a strong urge to continue to do something that puts this life to good use. And it’s great to be driven to achieve, but the dark side of that is that it’s almost impossible to define what success means, because the goalposts are constantly moving.

The article begins and ends with an image of a simple autumn morning with his dog and his wife. Those simple autumn mornings have become the meaning of life for Evan. It doesn’t give him that big sense of power that comes from climbing a mountain, but it fills his soul to the point that climbing a mountain no longer seems to be any big achievement compared to the love of his family.

Read this article for your own inspiration in finding what makes you feel full in life. It’s different for everybody. But finding that sense of fullness is powerful enough to remove you from the trap of “success” and give your life it’s true lasting meaning.


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Tip to Reduce Your Screen Time 📱

Participate in “No Social Media November”

It’s the beginning of November! And that means many people are giving things up, whether that means No Shave November, or something else…

But what countless other people are doing, including me, is deleting all social media for the entire month.

The incredible college student and digital addiction activist Maddie Freeman started the NoSo November movement a few years ago, and it’s been growing every year since.

The great thing about NoSo November is the ability for people to get off social media together. This helps get rid of the FOMO you may feel if you delete social media just by yourself.

So tell all your friends to join you this month in No Social Media November. I promise you won’t miss a thing. And you may just keep those apps off your phone for longer, maybe forever…


Quote Us Thinking 🧠

“One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy” - Aristotle


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